The Need To Control Others

The Need To Control Others
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How to Spot the Shy (Covert) Narcissist

How to Spot the Shy (Covert) Narcissist
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Multiculturalism Is Unavoidable — Whistling In The Wind

Now and again you see complaints about multiculturalism and articles that claim: “Multiculturalism has failed”. But this doesn’t really make sense because multiculturalism can’t fail, it’s unavoidable. Every country in the world is (and almost always was) multicultural and a monocultural society is practically impossible. Every part of our society contains influences from other cultures.

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We all wear a shade of lies. Covering our bitter sadness with all of these make believe truths. You show the world there is hope, But the hope you once held yourself is gone for your hopeless self. Spewing answers you may be able to think of to the world you know. But always searching […]

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Deleuze/Guattari: ‘Stop the World!’ — Techno Occulture!

One of the things of profound interest in Castaneda’s books, under the influence of drugs, or other things, and of a change of atmosphere, is precisely that they show how the Indian manages to combat the mechanisms of interpretation and instill in the disciple a presignifying semiotic, or even an asignifying diagram: Stop! You’re making […]

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