“ You are not doing anything particular but things are changing in my family”, how is it possible? He says.

One of my clients, Jon, said to me, “you don’t seem to be doing anything particular but things are changing in my family.  My daughter, Amy,  is doing better and her relationship with her mother, Jane, is stronger. Our concerns are no longer concerns, how is it possible?’ I smiled and then talked about the process of Narrative Practice Therapy.

Jon’s statement made me preoccupied all night. I remembered what Sue Kim Berg, co-founder of Solution-Focused Therapy, said. She said: ‘’Not to leave footprints in people’s lives while working with them on their concerns”. Thank you Jon for confirming it.

The next day I shared it with my colleague. She looked at me first and didn’t say anything.  After a few moments of silence, she told me a story from her trip to Baffin Island. She was there last summer for a few weeks taken some courses.

She said this: “I was in a small Inuit commnity speaking with some elders and one elder woman in the group looked at me and said in a gentle voice: ‘ you are experts.  All of you are experts in down south.  First you come and take us off the land and teach us how to live, because we didn’t know how.  Then you come and observe us and write books about us. You taught us to be good parents. Now, you come back to treat our children’”.

She was quiet for a few moments and said, “isn’t it wonderful that your client didn’t feel the same as this elder woman? What would have been possible to indigenous people if those, who stepped into their lives,  hadn’t left any footprints? ”  We began to review the history of our profession which made us reflect on how we work with people!

We talked and talked. We appreciated Michael White, co-founder of Narrative Therapy Practice, and his contribution to the field of psychotherapy and counselling. We were grateful for what Michael and Sue made possible for us to know that wouldn’t otherwise.

Yes, it is powerful when our conversations with people don’t reduce their description of self, their values and beliefs.

Yes, it is impactful when we become more respectful to the ways people live their lives.

Yes, it is wonderful to have a perspective/ approach that is respectful to all voices and that is curious to learn more about people’s ideas and resources.

Yes, it is important not to act as experts but use our expertise to nurture people’s knowledges to reconnect with their own inner resources.

Yes, it is powerful to have conversations with people regardless of their ages, genders, cultures, religions, and all other forms of isms.

Yes, it is necessary to flatten the hierarchal system and connect with people differently.

Yes, it is beautiful to have this opportunity to touch people’s lives.

Yes, it is …

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Happy possibilities!