The problems our children experience, today, are ‘Being Bullied and/or Bullying”.

Let’s help children, who being bullied, gain voice and express themselves when they are being bullied.  Let’s collectively help children stand up against bullying in a non- violent way!

Let’s be open-minded and support children who bully. New courses/ trainings/workshops need to be added to school curriculum to assist children, who bully. Let’s help them learn to express themselves in a non- violent way and learn conflict resolution skills and sportsmanship principles!  Let’s not make more jails. Let’s not apply  punishment on children. Let’s explore ways of connecting and integrating them into their families and communities! Yes, they, too, need help!

We need to converse with children differently to get desired outcomes. Punitive consequence based techniques haven’t been effective, let’s have more meaningful, collaborative, invitational conversations with children. Let’s become more committed collectively to increasing social consciousness and self-awareness, Let’s increase our understanding of practices such as violence and abuse, let’s look at their impact on our children and talk about them more openly, creatively and constructively.

Here is an example of standing up to Bullying in a very creative powerful way.

Watch this video: