It has been a long lasting debate on the importance of building communities and providing treatments for people who commit crimes instead of building more jails.

It is proven that building jails costs taxpayers lots of money and it leads to more crimes. Isn’t it more effective to find approaches to address social problems in a way that contributes and leads to stronger communities? Isn’t it time to stop spending too much money on building jails and locking up people? Is it time to consider new creative ways of making our communities safer?

If the goal is to spend less money and make cities and communities safer, why not to invest more on treatments programs and social services? Why not to support people to become more part of their communities?

Texas was known as a tough state for applying harsh punishments on criminals; it has had a very high rate of crimes and criminals in the world.  In the last few years, the professionals involved in criminal courts and social services in Texas have realized that the punitive approaches don’t work bit, inadvertently, they directly increase crimes in Texas. They found out that no strong community is built when one out of 20 of residents is in jails. They re-discovered that having proper treatment plans for people – who are committed crimes and engaged in socially unacceptable activities- and support them all along will have better impact on people and reduce crimes.

Watch this video and learn how Texas is changing its direction.

We need to learn from what was done in the past and explore more effective humane ways of reducing crimes in our cities. Building jails is not an answer. It is proven!!

Happy Possibilities!!