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This is a very special time we are in.  It is the week before Christmas and New Year. It is time that Consumerism is promoted; it is the time that Materialism is encouraged; it is the time that social and cultural pressures brainwashing people to want more and to not be satisfied with what they have.

What kind of thinking we may need to have to realize that what we have is enough?In what way can we resist the cultural pressures? What do you think will happen if we just continue consuming more and more? What will happen to our environment and our planet? Where does all the waste will go as we continue consuming more? What will happen to our future generations? What sources will be available to our next generations?

Culture of Consumerism is embedded into Individualistic ideas of living.  When social cultural messages are about ‘me’  ‘me’ and ‘my needs’ ; when there is no space left for considering ‘others’ and ‘future beings’; when we are encouraged to spend more and never feel satisfied with what we have , what do you think will happen in the future?

We need find ways of putting stop to the constant use of stuff- Materialism. We need to pay attention to what makes us intentionally or unintentionally destroy our planet and ourselves.

Watch this video – Story of Stuff.


Think about what we can do to change the current situation and save our planet, our next generation and the future beings.

Happy possibilities!!