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Another, January to December, 12 months went by! We wonder about time and how fast it flies. It is time to reflect on what we did and how we lived the past 12 months. Our reflection may bring new insights and brighten our pathway in the new year.

Life is an unknown journey, seemingly, with unlimited possibilities.  We don’t know whom we meet and interact with; we don’t know where relationships take and lead us to; we don’t know where we end up at the end …

Everyday, we step into new life territories intentionally or unintentionally. Everyday, possibilities are offered; regardless if we notice, embrace or ignore.

Our previous years of living, our self-knowledge and our life direction somewhat influence what and how we respond to offered possibilities.  Moments of intentionality are milestones in our growth and developments; moments of coincident are complementary to our life journey;  moments of uncertainty determine what possibilities to take or dismiss in life.

Every year, we attempt to evaluate our choices; we tend to look back and feel happy or regret for what we did or didn’t. Every year, we promise to do things differently, we plan to change our habits and become who we’d prefer to be.

What are your thoughts in these last remaining days of year 2012?  What do you want to change? What do you want to keep?  How do you see your life going in the upcoming year? Is it the direction that you want it to go?

It may be useful to review what we did or what happened to us in past 12 months. No one knows what the next year will bring, but, without predicting the future, let’s hope for a year of understanding, harmony, curiosity and connection!

Happy Holidays!