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How do you know if you lived your life? It is said it is all about the experiences you have in life; the more experiences you have, the better your quality of life is; the better you are equipped to examine yourself and your relationships, the more appreciative you become for what you are given in life. Do you agree?

Do you agree that instead of sitting and talking about life, it is important to go out and experience life? How do you experience yourself? What do you do to bring joy to your life? How connected are you with people around you? Do you need to examine your relationships and make new ones? Are you happy with relationships that you are in?

It is important to take a few moments and ask yourself these questions: What am I doing in my life? What have I done so far?  It is important to review your thinking and actions and check if they are supportive of you as a person and if they are contributing to your sense of agency.  The more discrepancy you discover between your intentions and your actions, the less you live your life. For instance, your actions could easily undo your intentions and makes you feel misunderstood;  your unlinked actions and intentions could get you into troubles; your disconnected actions and intentions could make you more isolated.   Remember, you are not going to accomplish anything if you solely rely on your intentions. You need coordinated intentions and actions to make things happen in life.  You need to monitor and track the level of closeness between your actions and your intentions. Plan to review them more often and assist yourself to move towards your preferred direction in life.

To have more fulfilled life, ask yourself if what you say and what you do are matched.

To have more satisfaction in your relationship, ask yourself if what you think of your partner and what you do for your partner are closely linked. Ask yourself if your doing compliments your intentions.

To have more work/life balance, ask yourself if what you do for living is relatively corresponding with your passion in life.

Review and narrow down the possible gaps between your actions and your intentions. The more discrepancy, the less chance to having a fulfilled life.  Become an active participant in your life!

Happy discovery!

Happy possibilities!

Tahereh Barati, M.A, RMFT