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People have dreams, visions and plans for life. Our relationship is that determines if our dream comes true or gets crushed. We intuitively know what can be possible and what can be done to become more connected with our own dream. We tend to present our dreams to relationships that have capacity or ability to support its implementation.

It is proven that when dream is shared, it is more possible to come true. There are many examples in human history; for instance, the dream that Martin Luther King had for human being; he said ‘I have a dream’. He, by himself, couldn’t make his dream come true. Martin Luther King shared his dream with his friends, colleagues and people in his life first, then he shared it with millions of people around the world. The more he talked about his dream, the more people became part of his shared vision and its implementation. That is how a movement takes place in the history of mankind.

Let me tell you a story of a woman who had a dream and wanted to see it come true. She came to my office and shared her dream as well as obstacles to achieving her dream. She said she has a dream – a dream of having her own family when she is reunited with her children. She said she had tried hard to make it happen but many barriers didn’t allow her to accomplish her dream.

In my conversations with her, her past initiatives were acknowledged; her dream, as her preferred future, was recognized and supported. As we talked and explored ways of removing barriers, her dream became more accessible to her. She began to share her dream with people close to her- her parents, friends, colleague and employers. When she shared her dream with others, some didn’t take her dream seriously, some crushed her dream with cynicism and some began to listen to her. We discussed the feedback she got from her social network and took pieces that were supportive of her.

A dream doesn’t come true if it is not shared, if steps towards its accomplishment are not realistic and ethical, and if it is not supported by the community that one is in –workplace, family, nation and etc.

Steps towards achieving a dream are relational steps; these steps have to be collaboratively drafted, examined and nurtured in relationship. No one, alone, can make thing happen in life. Every action has to be accompanied with actions of others to come true. Every dream has to be supported by community of people to become one’s reality.

Let’s be part of each other’s dreams, let’s work together to make our dreams come true, let’s support each other’s ideas, visions and dreams in every setting we are in – home, workplace, community, and society.

Happy possibilities,

Tahereh Barati, M.A, RMFT