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The recent event in Boston made me think of the term ‘homeland security’. I began to think of what it means and if the way we understand it sufficient to address the 21st century concerns for safety and security.

As you see, this term has three components: Home, Land, and Security. What does each mean? The transitional definition of home, land and security seem to be very narrow. We need to broaden our definitions of each when we craft a comprehensive and collective approach to safeguard safety in our today’s society.

These three components – home, land, security- are interconnected. We live in a global village where the land is shared by millions of people. This land – our earth- is a place that we all call home.  Our home is in need of security and safety in every aspect.

How to bring security to our home is directly linked to how we operate in our land globally. Everything is connected, everything has impact, and every action is a response to an action. This interconnectedness needs to be taken into an account when we plan to use our resources – technical and intelligence services-  to design a map for Home-Land-Security.

Collaboration and Awareness will lead to a creation of a map that brings Peace to our global village.

Happy Possibilities,

Tahereh Barati, M.A, RMFT