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Movies are great, provocative and generative; they bring new ideas into our consciousness. One of my favorite directors, Abbas Kiarostami, recently directed a great movie; Like Someone In Love. If you haven’t seen it yet, it is highly recommended.

Kiarostami’s way of movie-making and story-telling is very special. His movies are intentionally crafted and directed; they are very purposeful; and his movies tend to show invisible subtle and neglected elements of our daily life very vividly. Like his other movies, he conveys significant phenomena that has been affected many people; Love and Violence. Love and violence, for some reasons, have been linked together in our life. This marriage is destructive.

A former university professor and a student of sociology- who has a fiance – have an encounter in a very strange way. These two main characters are affected by violence when the fiance performs love with aggression, violence and domination.

The main character in the movie is in the process of change; she questions past traditions and her role as a woman in family and society.  She is pressured to do things against her will. She wants to rebel but social cultural and legal support are not there yet.  Her voice is not developed yet.

This movie made me think of writing my next post- Love and Violence. Check out my next post and let me know what you think.


Happy Possibilities!

Tahereh Barati, M.A, RMFT