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Another gift that became presented in my spiritual journey was to have more appreciation for a simple life.

When backpacking/ traveling for days and weeks, one constantly moves from one place to another.  The most predominant concern is to find places to sleep and eat.  Nothing else is mattered; nothing else is important.

Simple life has no accessories to take care of or look after. Simple life has no additional distractions; it has no unwanted engagements; it has no exposure to commercial ads or excessive noises.  Life is simple. Unnecessary man-made problems seem to be absent in simple life.

Imagine to reduce accessories, distractions and unwanted engagements in our life. Imagine to have a simple life. Imagine to have none of unwanted excessive noises and commercial ads in our life.  Imagine what might be possible to us as human species?  Don’t you think we will have more respect for our nature, others and ourselves?

Just imagine a day when one frees himself/herself from all unwanted pressures like shoulds, musts! Just imagine how beautiful our life will be!

Tahereh Barati, M.A, RMFT