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“El Camino de Santiago” has been a destination for many individuals who seek spiritual mental and emotional connection with something bigger than oneself.  I decided to experience this journey this year in September.

One of the gifts of this journey for me has been the development of a new realization that ‘words’ are not really necessary/essential for understanding and connection in human relationship.

I came to realize that when we take time, slow down and make a close eye contact with the world around us, we hear, see and feel things differently; our senses function more effectively. I found ‘words’ as obstacles to my attention to and my understanding of the world.

Perhaps rich understanding and deep connection in human relationship is possible with valuing ‘silence’ and total ‘presence’-  silence that allows us to listen deeply to one another; and mental, emotional and physical presence that opens up space for much deeper understanding of one another.

The keys to understanding and connection are to be comfortable with ‘silence’ and be more ‘present’; not to have more fancy ‘words’ and intellectual debates!

Tahereh Barati, M.A, RMFT