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In this Journey, my understanding of Love expanded and changed. I became familiar with various understanding/meanings of Love as different people shared and talked about their meanings and understanding of this notion.  I listened to delightful amazing descriptions of Love. The followings are a few definitions of Love from people who shared ‘the way’ with me:

An Italian person shared his understanding and definition of Love. He said this: “Love is like a fire; it could hurt. That is why one has to be protected from Love.  He continued and said: “When Abraham wants to see God, God tells him that he should go to the corner and protect himself from His Love because His love is so strong that could burn him”. He said “Love for another human being can be harmful if two people don’t know how to guide each other. However, It is powerful and strong; it is source of life”.

A Belgium person described his definition of Love this way: “Love is a beauty; it is magical; It is a powerful force. Love is a way of being; it is understanding; it is having respect for others’ wishes; it is a two- way street consideration; it is a collaboration between two; it is when no one is an object to another.

A Dutch person said this: ” Love perhaps is doing something for another person without expecting any reward. Love is perhaps being teary when one does something good for another one. Love is giving without expecting anything in return”.

A German person described Love this way and said: “Love is when things continue; where there is no cut off; when there is a continuity in expressing oneself in certain manners. When one’s expression of Love doesn’t change due to physical distance”.

Their definitions have broadened mine. This journey has broaden my perspective and has made my life further multidimensional. This journey has brought things to my attention that i wouldn’t be able to recognize otherwise…

Any action we take has consequences, why not taking actions that are life- changing and long- lasting!

Happy Possibilities!

Tahereh Barati, M.A, RMFT