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Life is a series of negotiations; negotiations with ourselves, with others and with the world around us.

In this journey, I actively paid attention to my pace and my physical limitations; I learned to negotiate the route according to my physical and mental limitations. I learned to negotiate with others whom shared the room with in different albergues. I learned further to value the art of negotiation. I believe the art of negotiation has the following ingredients: a) being comfortable with silence, b) being fully present and c) giving attention to ourselves, others and the world around us!

Positions we take in life are changeable; they are not fixed; they are there to be constantly negotiated with others.  They need to change when our social political and relational circumstances change. Positions we take don’t define us; they are to facilitate the way to relate with one another.

We change; our values change; therefore, our life, change. We live in the state of flux!. That is how we become a new person; that is how we reach our potentials!

Let’s celebrate our becoming!

Happy Possibilities!

Tahereh Barati, M.A, RMFT