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Many of us have friends and relatives who live in different corners of the globe. With the advancement of technology and invention of Internet, geographical distance doesn’t seem to be a barrier to our desire to staying connected with one another.

The presence of Internet promotes the value of ‘text and writing’. Text/writing is a non- verbal communication. It is a communication that requires reflection, concentration and silence. Text/writing allows space in communication to form. Text/writing allows patience and respect to be present when interacting with one another. There is no interruption in text/writing; both parties write only about what is important.

Verbal communication is overly rated in our culture.  Let’s give everything its own place; let’s give value to non-verbal ways of exchanging ideas, expressions and values.

Join me in becoming more aware of times that one medium takes up more space in our thinking; let’s distribute our attention to all ways of connecting and communicating!

Happy Possibilities,

Tahereh Barati, M.A, RMFT