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In my journey i became more aware of my physical body; particularly my feet. My feet that have to support my walk for kilometers every day; my feet that have to connect with my brain to allow me firmly walk on the ground.

I realized that a relationship between shoes and feet could be an analogy for our relationship with one another.  We socially traditionally learn that shoes are important for our feet; shoes protect our feet from any unwanted hazards in our environment. However, not every shoes is appropriate for every feet. Shoes have to be fit. It may take time until shoes to be molded to feet. This process of becoming fit may make feet experience blisters at times. Blisters are signs to degrees of adjustments; they are immediate reactions to discomfort that allow us to examine both feet and shoes.

It requires courage to question the importance of shoes for feet; it requires skills to doubt its usefulness and compatibility.  It is necessary to be open to question the usefulness of having or not having shoes or its frequency of engagement or the number of shoes one can have and etc.

Choices such as walking bare feet, or walking with one set of shoes, or walking with a couple of pairs of shoes or more are only meaningful when they examine in their own context. There is not only one way. There are various ways under various circumstances in various stages of our life that choices can be made.

Let’s be less judgmental, open and present to what appropriate is at the present time; NOW!

Happy Possibilities!

Tahereh Barati, M.A, RMFT