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I wrote a post a few weeks ago titled, “Some Thoughts on ‘Conscious Uncoupling” –  because despite the flak Gwyneth Paltrow has received in the media for coining it, I really like this term. And I wanted (particularly as the flak annoyed me) to speak to the subject.

Admittedly, I got a bit verbose with it! (The post is here, in case you feel like wading through it.) I couldn’t help it; it’s a subject close to my heart. My ex and I have approached our divorce similarly and have ourselves been the recipients of a fair amount of raised eyebrows and other subtle (and not so subtle) criticism. So it irked me to watch that playing out in the media.

The truth is, there simply isn’t much cultural support for amicability in matters of marital-breakup. The sad reality is that it’s much more acceptable to despise…

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