I think this article is supportive of what i believe crucial in human relationships. I believe parties in any relationship need to be open to new ideas and need to collaboratively influence the direction of relationship. The de-centred, appreciative and influential position is a key to success in relationship. The below post refers to this briefly.

Attila Ovari

As I travel around I hear a lot about managing up…. Managing up refers to managing your boss. I have had many people talk to me about how they manage their boss or they ask me for advice about how can they manage their boss. Questions like, “How do I get my boss to do this or that?” Generally these questions come from a desire to have your way or get further direction from your boss within your role. You may have asked these questions yourself.

I find it interesting that people what to control the relationship up with their boss. There seems to be many people that think it is their right to have things go their way. If this is your thinking then you will be disappointed with my advice. I view things completed differently. I think that it is not about controlling your boss or getting your…

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