I found this article beautifully described how we are relational and how what we do/believe affects others, ourselves and our hopes/dreams…. Enjoy!

Think Different

Theories Of Motivation

For those who have not already come across these terms, Theory X and Theory Y are theories of human motivation, explained by Douglas McGregor in his 1960 book “The Human Side of Enterprise”. These two theories describe two contrasting models – or sets of assumptions – about workforce motivation.

“How management chooses to treat its people impacts everything – for better or for worse.”

~ Simon Sinek

Theory X

In Theory X, management assumes people are inherently lazy and dislike work. As a result of this, management believes that people need to be closely supervised and comprehensive systems of control developed. According to this theory, people will be disinclined to apply effort without extrinsic motivations (bonuses and the like) and will avoid responsibility whenever they can. Theory X managers often rely on the threat of punishment to gain compliance. A Theory X manager believes that his or her people do not really want…

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