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Another 12 months went by! We always wonder about time.   It is time to reflect on what happened in the past 12 months of our life. Reflection may deepen our understanding and bring us wisdom and insights in life.

Life seems to be an unknown journey with (un)limited and (in)visible possibilities.  We don’t know what happens next and where we end up;  but we may know what we do and what is not in sync with our values.

Everyday, we encounter new/old invitations to change ourselves and our relationships.  Everyday, invitations/ possibilities are offered; regardless of our responses. Our life experiences form our knowledge of self and others; our life journey influences how we respond to invitations/ possibilities.

Every year, we tend to evaluate our choices; we look back and review what we did or didn’t. Every year, we promise to do things differently, we plan to change our habits to become a person who we’d prefer to be.

It is time to do it again but perhaps differently. Let’s reflect not to blame; let’s become active in tweaking our actions to be more in sync with our beliefs; let’s find out who we really want to be in this world and how we want to make a difference- there are lots of opportunities waiting… What do you want to change in your life? What do you want to keep doing?  How could you make the world a better place? Where can you contribute?

Wish you a year of understanding, curiosity and connection!

Happy Holidays,

Tahereh Barati