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Luis Suarez-Villa. Technocapitalism: A Critical Perspective on Technological Innovation and Corporatism: Critical Extracts and Notes

Corporatism is the power of business corporations over society. The corporate colonization of our social relations, of our identity as humans, and of life itself is an ongoing enterprise: it colonizes human society, nature, and the planet, corporatism degrades us, turning our most precious human qualities into commodities. This degradation of human values is not grounded in technology, in and of itself. It is grounded in the character of a new kind of corporatism and its authoritarian control over technology. It is a new kind of corporatism that is more clever, rapacious, and invasive than any previous form and that is imperial in its quest for power and profit as it tries to control any and all aspects of the public domain.1

Technocapitalism is defined as a new form of capitalism that is heavily grounded…

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