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Invitation to Participate in my PhD Project!

I am interested in hearing your stories of resilience. Do you have stories of moments when you encountered with a significant difference between yourself and another person? I would like to ask you questions to learn how you faced your differences and how your relationship progressed.

I will have conversations with you to learn about what you did concerning the difference and how you maintained your relationship with the other person. The other person could be anyone with whom you experience conflict; it could be a person in your immediate or extended family, or a person at work (colleague or manager or client/customer), or a person in a social/ political group and association to which you belong.

I believe that people have ‘inside knowledge’ in sorting out their differences with others in informal ways. I would like to document the inside knowledge people from all walks of life who are willing to share with me. I would like to involve you in new kinds of conversation on this topic.

This inquiry is a very friendly, reflective, and conversational process. We will focus on how you maintained, saved, and transformed your relationship with another person. This inquiry does not presuppose any particular model. It is an open-ended process to allow you to reflect. It is also designed to reach people, not a specific population or category of issues or people.

There is a mini- survey designed to gain your acceptance as a participant of this project followed by phone or email communication where we will set up a time for our conversation either in- person or via Skype. Please see the below link and respond to a few questions to begin the process.


In addition to your consideration, I’d appreciate if you would post this note, forward it, distribute it at events, keep copies in your office, and invite others to join this process. I ask that you help invite others to share in this opportunity to have their resilient success stories heard. I’d love to hear from you as well as from your friends and colleagues who are willing to participate in this project.

Thank you very much,

Tahereh Barati,

PhD student