Dogs, cats, humans … we are all meat… we are animals… moving from one stage to another- barking, hawling, chasing, dying… Meat is the “common zone between man and beast” (FRANCIS BACON, 23, the writer’s translation). There is suffering here, a shared predicament, “a man who suffers is a beast, a beast which suffers is a man. That is the reality of becoming” (idem, 25). Enjoy the following post!


We have seen that Deleuze does not enunciate judgements, he does not “judge” schizos, he evaluates assemblages. The same philospohical ethic is present in his attitude towards dogs. James Hillman remarks “There are no wrong or negative animals, in dreams or otherwise”, and Deleuze would agree. However, Deleuze would hasten to add that there are no intrinsically “right” animals either. It is not a question of right or wrong, but of what is good for your individuation or not, of what you can “stand” in the way of alterity, of what type and in what proportions, to compose your process of individuation rather than having it de-composed.

Deleuze “says he can better stand (although not for too long) the wolf howling at the moon than barking” (ABC Primer, A as in Animal). Wecan imagine him asking a dog-lover “How can you stand that barking?”, and it could be…

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