The earth, as our single world, with multiple countries, cultures, people who live in it can create opportunities for humanity to grow as each culture, country, and a person brings its own understanding of life and its own ways of being responsive to our single world, the planet, that nurtures all of us. Instead of falling into divisive and dichotomous thinking, we need to think of our shared purpose and work together to make better living conditions for ourselves, others and our planet. Happy Possibilities!

Dr. Rinaldi's Horror Cabinet


Alain Badiou in Greece recently gave three talks in which he described his notions of a coming Universalism of creative identity as against the purified vision of all forms of fascist capitalisms:

  1. The ‘world’ of untrammelled capitalism and the rich democracies is a false world. Recognising the unity only of monetary products and signs, it rejects the majority of humanity, pushed out into another, devalued ‘world’, from which it separates itself through walls and warfare. In this sense, there is today no world. There are but walls, drownings, hatred, wars, pillaged and abandoned areas, areas that are protected from everything else, others left in total poverty, and the criminal ideologies that prosper on the back of all this chaos.
  2.  Thus to assert that ‘there is a single world’ is a principle for action, a political imperative. This principle also entails the equality of existence in each and every part of this…

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