Happy New Year!

I was in a conversation with my friend about having a mantra for the year 2019. As we were talking, she turned on her phone and began to read her mantras: develop a self-care plan, take breaks, listen to your body, etc.

As she was reading, I was thinking of ways to achieve mantras in everyday life.

When she finished, I said how pragmatic these mantras are and how one can do them simultaneously.

So many people have many mantras or new year resolutions but the year ends without accomplishing them. How can we self- care as we talk or as we focus on tasks?

We are good at having self- care activities when no one is around. How could we do self-care when one is in a relationship or when one’s attention is on a task.

Does this wonderment take us to the realm of relational responsibility? Is how we do self- care intertwined with how we care for others? Do you think mantras need to be part of our relationships as shared values? So that we both reassure that they are considered, implemented, and achieved. What do you think?

Happy Possibility!

Tahereh Barati, PhD