About Me

Who am I? OR  How did I become who I am today? 

This is a philosophical question and requires me to have a thoughtful answer.  I believe people are defined by relationships.  People can live without others’ contribution to their life. We are born within relationships; we live with others, and we select others to be with, and the most part of our happiness/joy comes from our connection with others.  Identity doesn’t get shaped and developed in a vacuum; it is formed in our relationships with others.

I am grateful for what others, in collaboration, have contributed to my life and made me become who I am today.

As an Individual, Couple and Family Therapist, I have been doing counselling/therapy since 1991. I am interested in helping people figure out what options/alternatives they have in life so that they can make the best possible decisions for themselves. We are born into a family and primarily learn from our family members how to live our lives. Family, as a small unit of society, is influenced by social and cultural discourses. Each part of our social life is impacted by its particular cultural setting which somehow defines and shapes our identity as its member.

My practice is called Collaborative Conversation. I collaboratively work with people who consult with me on their concerns; I support them to steer their lives in a preferred direction.  Our talk is entered on deconstructing what bothers people and ways of reconstructing what one wishes to have in life.  At times, It is difficult to dismantle problems alone, but together we can brainstorm and explore ways of doing it!

My services:

Therapy services include: Pre-Martial Counselling; Couple Therapy; Family Therapy; Parenting Therapy;

Clinical Supervision includes offering supervision to independent therapists who are working towards their accreditations in the AAMFT or CRPO or who are interested in enhancing the quality of their therapy work with clients.

Family Mediation services include Co-Parenting Plans; Visitation and Scheduling; Guidance to ending relationships peacefully and in improving communication throughout separation and divorce.

Please see my website: www.familytherapytoronto.me or www.tbarati2.com to learn more about my ways of providing counselling, supervision, and mediation.

To Name a few of my interests:

  • Hiking and Cycling:  I love nature. Its history goes back to my childhood when I spent most of my time with trees and doing gardening. I watched my dad gardening; I helped him in picking up fruits and vegetables.  I assisted him in planting new trees and plants.  Nature has been part of my life. I love hiking trails and climbing mountains. The Bruce Trails has been my favourite spot in Ontario. I recommend you to put your boots on and go to the nearest path and enjoy nature…

I love cycling too. I didn’t know how to cycle when I was younger. Cycling is a fun skill that allows me to experience freedom on many different levels. I like speed and enjoy downhills way more than uphills 🙂  I enjoy to go to places without polluting the environment!

  • Photography:  I began photography in 1989. A friend of mine gave me a camera, as a gift. Then I started playing with it and taking pictures of everything. I made this hobby to heart.  I created a small dark room in my apartment. I spent hours and hours; nights after nights; in the dark room developing pictures. I learned how to make my photos perfect. It was fun and compelling to see how long it takes to have a minute of exposure. A moment felt much longer in the darkroom. Time is a precious thing in life, and we take it for granted. Make the best of your day!

Yes, since then, I have been taking pics of Landscape, Urban Abstract, Street Photography, and People. I have vast collections of images. I entered my pictures at the Contact Photography Festival in 2009. I am planning to build a photography site that you could see all of my artwork; hopefully, it happens sometime soon.  Until then, enjoy my pics on the header of this blog!

  • Travelling: One of my hobbies is travelling. Perhaps like you, I have a bucket list to visit many beautiful places on this planet. I know I might not be able to see them all, but I will surely try!  When travelling, I enjoy everything that a country can offer.  Combining travelling and photography is very fun.  You will be surprised to see how many various ways of living exist on this planet; different costumes, food, social norms, traditions, languages, cultures, etc..  I like getting to know them all… I love learning about people’s lifestyles and ways of living…Travelling allows me to become more open-minded.  It increases my awareness. It opens up my eye onto a new way of looking at the history of humankind; it gives me opportunities to taste fantastic food; it gives me a chance to see and capture beautiful places that may not be around in the future due to the possible environmental crisis.  And finally, it expands my emotional and intellectual horizons to be inclusive and human!


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