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I have been doing counselling/therapy since 1991. I am interested in helping people figure out what options and alternatives they have in life so that they can make the best fit decisions for their life.  As we know, we are born in a family and we primarily learn from our family members how to live our lives. Family is a small unit of society; it is influenced and somehow shaped by social systems. Each social system has its own culture and It somehow defines and influences our identity as a member of society.

I call my practice – Collaborative Conversation. Perhaps you might ask Why? As a matter of fact, I chose this title because I would like to provide choices to people who consult with me. I collaboratively work with people on their concerns to steer their lives to their preferred direction.   Some traditional therapeutic approaches dictate you how to behave, think and run your life; some divide people’s expressions to emotional vs. rational; some try to correct your thinkings to make them matched with social norms; some take you to early stage of your life to review your childhood stories; some see your current problems as fixed conditions that never would change so you need to accept it.  I believe that your concerns are not fixed; it is relational; it is a product of the society, culture and family that you live in; it can be reconstructed when you change your view and your relationship with your problems.  When you become aware of the constructs that make you unhappy in life, you will be able to reconstruct them and move towards your preferred direction in life.

MY conversations with you are to deconstruct what bothers you and reconstruct what you wish to have in life.

My Conversation with you is about characterizing the problems, and finding out if they have allies because sometime one problem alone affects your life and sometime they get together against you.  It can be very difficult to dismantle them alone but together we can!

Happy Possibilities!!


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