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I have been doing counselling/therapy since 1991. I am interested in helping people figure out what options and alternatives they have in life so that they can make best decisions for their life.

We are born into our relationships, and we primarily learn from our relationships how to live our lives. A family is a small unit of society influenced and shaped by social discourses. Each social conversation offers a new set of ideas that defines and affects our identity as a person.

I call my practice – Collaborative Conversation.  I chose this title because I would like to explore multiple ideas with those who consult with me. I collaboratively work with people on concerns that creating problems in one’s life.

Some traditional therapeutic approaches dictate ways of living life; some divide people into beings emotional vs rational beings. Some offer methodologies aligned with dominant social norms/discourses. Some spend hours/years reviewing childhood histories to find what/when went wrong in one’s life; some identify current problems as fixed conditions and pathologise you for the rest of your life…

My approach is a bit different. It is not fixed but fluid. It is relational and collaborative. It views problems as products of interactions that one has with others including culture. It invites you to deconstruct what you believe. It engages you in the reconstruction of views, beliefs, and patterns.  It helps you move towards your preferred direction in life.

Happy Possibilities!!

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