The Intelligence of Captital…

Capital is the intelligence of the world. Capital does not need the nation state, the old mythologies of the sovereignty of nations is giving way to the logics of the Global Empire of Capital. Reactions to this state of affairs across the globe has brought on the crisis and end games of nations everywhere, one that will […]

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Seeking Responses to the Current Political Climate!

Reflecting on the current political situation in the United States, I see a disconnect between intellectuals and the masses. I also see the construction of an ongoing fight between intellectuals and their political systems, particularly, with the dictatorship style of governance. Now, undesired events including the dictatorship style of governance have been occurring in the US. How to respond and what position to take has been the fundamental questions since November 2016.

This opportunity may allow us to construct a coalition of intellectuals in the globe to seek alternative responses to the political regimes who are elected by some but are not serving all people and are not for all people.

Individualistic discourses push us to take positions against the current political regime and encourage us to rebel against them.  Individualistic discourses influence us to fall into ‘us versus them’ dichotomy. Individualistic discourses that place problems in one person/group serve the current political regime’s agendas. They fuel the ideology of divisiveness and put people against one another. If our responses are formed and influenced by these discourses, we are part of this problem as we, too, perpetuate the dominant rhetoric of divisiveness.

However, after years of being influenced by relational poststructural discourses,  we need to learn new ways of responding to this political shift and its consequences in a dialogical way. Dialogical responses do not perpetuate deficit language. Dialogical responses encourage the practice of listening to the other. They encourage people to put ‘differences’ in the middle and relate to one another as humans. Through these vital and lively interactions that are intentional and are, of course, full of tension, we begin to have, what I call, dialogue with one another about the recent undesirable events.

Dialogue is not about reaching agreements. Dialogue is not about having ‘lovey dovey’ talk without any tension. Dialogue is not about pleasing one another or taking an oppositional stance. Dialogue is about listening to the other. Dialogue is sitting with discomfort. Dialogue is seeking alternative ways of relating to one another in order to collaboratively address differences, contradictions, and problems.

Happy possibilities!

Tahereh Barati


Private-Public Partnership and its benefits to Wall Street!

Private Sector Will Make a Killing Off of Infrastructure Bank NEP’s Bill Black appears on The Real News Network discussing that Democrats and Republicans appear willing to offer public-private partnerships and tax credits to the benefit of Wall Street. You can view with transcript here. Private Sector Will Make a Killing Off of Infrastructure Bank

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Executive Orders Benefit Corporations!

Executive Order on Regulations Will Benefit Large Corporations, Not Small Businesses NEP’s Bill Black on The Real News Network discussing how the Trump administration is using small business as an excuse for wholesale assault on regulation. You can view with a transcript here. Executive Order on Regulations Will Benefit Large Corporations, Not Small Businesses

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5 Inexpensive Ways to Rekindle Romance — MakeItUltra™

Written by Guest Contributor: Christianna K., M.S. (USA) Founder of: Gather The Roses Couples often look to the future to rekindle romance…when we take that trip to Paris, or book that cruise, then we’ll get our relationship back on track. But romance is far more about your state of mind than your surroundings. It is about […]

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The Dignity of Every Life: Viktor Frankl’s Powerful Speech to a Concentration Camp

Giving meanings to every ordinary moment of life is the art of living of every ordinary human who makes extraordinary differences in life. Enjoy!

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Viktor Frankl

In the middle of Viktor Frankl’s tour de force chronicle of his survival of the Holocaust, Man’s Search for Meaning, there is a particular moment when existence at Dachau goes from dark to pitch black. It is the winter of 1944, several months after the D-Day invasions and thus the point in which Hitler’s Third Reich, sensing the writing on the wall, ratchets up the noxious gears of its Final Solution. The markers of this period are evoked by arresting phrases like Robert Jay Lifton’s “wild euthanasia” and Nicholson Baker’s “human smoke,” and can be seen crystalized in Schindler’s List, when an initially puzzled Liam Neeson sees ash fall from a clear sky as he wanders amidst children playing in a bourgeoisie town square.

For Frankl and his work group, these portents are worsened by the fact that they are being incrementally starved after refusing to identify a fellow prisoner suspected of stealing potatoes from a camp store house. Several days into…

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